Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Details for AWESOME 8 hour spin and Indoor Bike Trainer Challenge for GOTR!

Good evening everyone!!

This is a simple reminder how awesome you are!!! We have 20 spin bikes filled for 8 hours and some of you signed up for times that you will be bringing your bike and trainers...There are a great deal of those who are not on this email list that are bringing bike trainers, please pass email on to all those friends!. I wanted to send a couple notes before the big day.

1.  Date:  January 27 ,  10:00a-6:00p  
Timer will start at 10:00, so you can get there as early as 9 am if you are coming first wave to set up bike trainer and bike. All other riders, please arrive by 20 minutes until your ride time to check in, grab a goodie bag and get ready to ride.
2.  Place,.. Mercy Health Plex, 3131 Queen City. Cincinnati Ohio 45238... if you are on Budnoit, and at the light where Dater Montesorri is on your left or right.. look across the street :)  Look for Yellow Signs which door to go in.
3.  No child care available during ride times.
4.  Bring your own sweat towel, I hope you all need more than one... bring your A game! there are some door prizes as well :)
5. Bring fluids and any other treats that you would like to share with the class if you are feeling giving.. i.e. oranges, apples, bananas, energy bars :)
6.  ALL Checks are to be made out to GOTR!  $20,00 an hour for each hour on the spinner or on a trainer :)  Have you thought about getting a sponsor?  please fill out the second attached form.. and remember we honor Corporate Matching if your company does :)
7.  Do what you can do... the instructors are there to make it a little, I mean  A LOT more interesting :) SPD cleats can be worn on spinning bikes if you have them.
8.  Attached is the assignments for the spin bikes..... please when you check in, know your time frame, my dad will be there :)  as well as know if you need to pay and already count your hours and have check made out to GOTR to keep check in line moving smoothly!! :) 
9.  I didn't double type email addresses.... especially for team captains, and those who are riding more than one hour!! :) check the schedule,.. twice :)
10.  There are not showers or locker rooms available for such showers to non members of the health plex.  Please know this, and come prepared.
11.  Any and all friends with bike trainers can come when they want to... some of signed up for specific times, but most importantly, you also need to check in the same way the spinners do..
12.  Please sign waiver, and photo release. you all might be movie stars, and I want to make sure you are okay with it :)
13.  Have fun....let's bring in over $6,000 for Girls on the Run of Cincinnati!!
14.  we have chances available for the designed helmet that you design, and tee shirts, and the goodie bag... as well as my tee shirts should be in for sale... bring some extra cash.. :)

any questions, or concerns let me know!!  I can't thank you all enough, it is going to be a wonderful memorable day!!

Jessica Leonard