Friday, January 25, 2013


Ok everyone. :) ... It is late, or very early Friday morning I should say.. and I want to say TGIF!!!! This is going to be an incredible weekend, and I wanted to send a note of key things to remember, especially for all you that are registered to spin, and those that are planning on bringing bikes and trainers. 

1.  Get ready, get set to sweat!  It is going to be hot in there.. I promise.. bring as many towels as you might think you may need... better be safe than sorry!!
2. Bring water.... I will have some bottled water but plan to bring your own hydration :)
3.  Wear appropriate shoes and clothing for cycling.. this might include bike shorts, sweat bands, tutus, costumes, be ready to have fun !!
4.  Attached is the bike assignment page... not necessary for you to memorize, but note if you plan to bring your donation that day which is about 95% of you...
5. All donations are made out to GOTR if check.. or cash... no credit cards accepted.... remember, $20/hr you ride is appreciated... or if you are even more awesome...
6.  Attached is the sponsor sheet for any last minute sponsors that want to sponsor your ride.... Remember, even those friends and family that are not participating can still donate and all go towards the huge well as corporate sponsorship!  Special prize for top fundraiser during this event!!
7.  Make sure you smile... the press, the news, and MTV have been called about this awesome event.. okay, maybe not MTV, but the other's are true... please sign the press release page with the waiver when you check in. (these will both be at the event, they are not attached )
8. Please arrive at least 20-30 minutes to whenever you are signed up for a spin bike to check in and cheer on others :)..address is 3131 Queen City Avenue Cincinnati Ohio 45238.. there is a wonderful huge white sign on BOUDINOT avenue across from Dater Montessori on BOUDINOT (2840 Boudinot Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45238.) . if you are bringing your own bike and trainer, please also check in accordingly!! Even if you haven't registered online, I welcome all people on their trainers!
  •    Remember we start at 10:00 ending at 6:00pm. a change of instructor every hour, but the health Plex facility will be closed at 6:00pm.  Non-member use of the facility is not permitted on Sunday, however I can arrange for you to come back for a tour if you would like!  Plan for this :) 

9.  There are raffles!! RAFFLES!!
  • For your very own personalized helmet from Kevin Brooks Airbrush Studio...  You pick the design and helmet, he does the graphic work for you and mails to your front door!  PERFECT for this new season ahead!!  $15 dollars or 5 for $60... value at up to $325 dollars! 
  •  For a Free Bike Fit from Bob Duncan's Go Fast Multisport, as well as a free month of Coaching from Bob Duncan's Go Fast Multisport...jump on this chance...$10.00 a chance !! wahoooo these are $200 value.. jump on that!  
  • All those Goodies Box... 4 rounds of golf at Clovernook CountryClub (including carts), wine, chocolates,$25 dollar gift card and some exercise equipment with a fashionable replica Michael Kohrs purse.. 
  • Highest Bidder for Jay Bruce Autographed Ball and Brandon Phillips Autographed Picture -- current highest bidder is $60 dollars

10.  Bicycles and More will be on hand with spinning shoes, cleats, and information... get them while they have them on sale prices!  SWIM CAPS ON SALE FOR $7.00 DONATION.

11. I plan to be there... rain, wind, sleet or snow .. my wishful teacher friends are praying for a snow day today and as I type this, nothing has fallen.. just know.. WE WILL BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT!... please plan accordingly to get yourself to us in a safe manner, and in one piece :)
12.  Remember what you can do... and bring snacks to share if you wish (i.e. power bars, apples, oranges, cupcakes, sandwiches, etc.)
13. THANK YOU FOR COMING!!! THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS MERCY HEALTH PLEX, BICYCLES AND MORE, GO FAST MULTISPORT, AND JIM WILLIAMS ... any questions, let me know.... this event will make my goal that much closer towards my goal of $50.000! 

Jessica Leonard
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