Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 is going to be a great year... I hope you are ready:)

There are many times when I know I am not alone when I say, "I wish I woulda, I coulda, I shoulda..... But I didn't ." This isn't just at year at a time... It could be a moment in a day ... So.. With a deep breath... I took it upon my "do what I preach" .. I thought about what I want to do this year... What do I want to accomplish... Change ? Improve? The absolute cool truth is that each of us.. We can chose this... So.. I am... I have goals for 2013. for once again I will go outside my comfort level a little more after I signed up for Ironman Wisconsin..I fake chuckle/laugh off that this Ironman is considered the hardest course on the Ironman circuit on the USA main land.. When most anyone that knows me, knows biking isn't my strong area.....I have pledged to fundraise $50,000 for Girls on the Run of Cincinnati .. Yeah, I am that "crazy" but why not? I can list 50 probably 100 reasons why each and every one of those young girls deserve to have the chance to participate... Yes.. Crazy :) and then there are those limits inside my racing life... 

I have started looking into training programs..I am looking at past races and thinking how can I do better... I have given up gluten and wheat. :/ so far... And plan to be a lean machine :) 

I have found an incredible, sweet, "match ;)" funny and serious of a man that gets me. Understands me..challenges me.. Pushes me..Flatters me.. And most of all .. Looks me in my eyes and says he loves me... Every day.. It is now How I do understand why it didn't work with anyone else... Because I found him:) and I won't let him go....and it gets better... He runs marathons.. Lifts heavy weights during workouts.. Will go hiking... Will straighten up our house, Will cook din din as we call it.. Will spoil his, I mean our dog Zoe, will help me with fundraising prep and events, even volunteer for something he doesn't know a thing about until we get there ...he will look at one watch 10000 + 1 times before he buys it.. And he aced it when he signed up for Ironman Louisville.. Yeah, I'll keep him, forever :)

With the 8 hour spin/ bike trainer challenge January 27, a couple weeks away, the spin bikes are all filled :):) how can anyone not sit down, smile and not think "It is going to be a great year ..."