Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Details about the indoor triathlon/duathlon !!

Thank you for signing up to participate in the first Indoor Triathlon/Duathlon December 16,2012 to benefit the Girls on the Run, Inc. of Cincinnati. You are making a conscious effort to be healthy this holiday season, and you are making an impact for generations of young girls in our Cincinnati community. 

Did you know? Girls on the Run of Greater Cincinnati inspires pre-teen girls to be healthy and confident using a fun curriculum that creatively integrates running. Our goal is to help girls understand the power of their potential by setting a goal and working hard to achieve it. We use exercise, positive reinforcement, and encouraging role models to provide girls with the confidence they need in those critical pre-teen years. Each 75 minute lesson combines running and walking games with various life skills, including lessons on healthy eating, body image, setting goals, cooperation and other age-appropriate topics.

Our 12-week programs meet twice per week for 75 minutes at various locations around the area. At the end of the season, all local girls come together for the Girls on the Run 5k run/walk!

  • -         We are just about one week away… I hope you have been practicing your different athletic adventure  
  •           Address of Event:  Mercy Health Plex, 3131 Queen City Avenue, Cincinnati Ohio 45238.  We are located behind the Mercy Hospital, at the light across from Dater Montessori School.
  •         Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your wave to check in, sign waiver, and pay if you selected to pay at day of event.  ONLY Cash or Checks made out to GOTR will be accepted.
  •         Additional sponsorship's and donations to GOTR will be accepted as well.
  •         While we encourage family fun, please note there is no child care present, and the spinning room is a tight space.  Club tours will be available at a later time for any non member.
  •         If you plan to wear spinning, SPD cleat shoes, please bring them for the bike!  You don’t need them for the bike portion, but they are welcomed if you want to bring them.
  •         Gym shoes must be worn during running/walking portion on the treadmill during the race.
  •         Bring water to hydrate yourself, and anything you might need during your workout.
  •          If swimming, please plan to bring your personal towel to dry off with after your swim!
  •         Remember this is for fun and a wonderful way to challenge ourselves during the holiday season:  each segment will be counted for total distance covered during that time. Do what you only what you can do!
  •        There will be captains at each station if you have any questions along the way!
  •         Encourage your friends and new friends along the way!! You worked hard, and I appreciate your contribution to Girls on the Run!
o   Swim Details:
§  Swimming will take place in a 25 Meter pool.
§  Swim portion will start promptly at the time designated for that wave, and is 10 minutes long.
§  Please know your lane number assigned before entering pool area.
§  Please keep your record card given to you at check in with you to give to lap counter captain.
§  Please bring your personal towel for your transition time.
§  Swim caps will be provided for all those who participate in the triathlon.
§  Swimmies for your arms are okay, snorkels are okay, fins are not okay.
§  Swimmers will share the lane with one other person. Introduce yourself before you begin J
§  Swimmers should swim in a clockwise circle to prevent swimming over top of each other.
§  Any stroke is permitted, just be respectful of the person sharing a lane.
§  At any time, you may rest on each side of the pool, do what you can do!
§  You will have 10 minutes to swim as far as you can, and all stop at once.  Where ever you are in laps will be recorded and you will transition to the single sex locker rooms.
§  Be precise and practice your transition.  You only have 10 minutes to change into dry clothes and get upstairs to the bikes.
o   Bike Details:
§  The 20 minutes will promptly start on the time designated for that wave. Be Ready to go!
§  The bikes are numbered with your number assigned at check in, please use that bike.
§  The bikes are Spinning Keiser bikes with capabilities to clip in with SPD shoes.
§  Please adjust seat to hip height to keep a slight knee bend as well as adjust your seat forward and backwards for comfort in upper back without too much bend in your knee.
§  They are “fixed chain” bikes.  Don’t try to stop in the middle of pedal stroke, slow down, and then stop if you need to.
§  Only do what you can do!  Set your resistance to whatever you want… distance traveled per “trip” on the bike will be recorded.
§  Please bring water or hydration fluids.
§  Personal Music is allowed.
§  A 5 minutes to go bell will be rung to give you a heads up where you are in time!
§  Transition from Bike to Treadmill is only 3 minutes, know your number treadmill.
o   Run/Walk Details:
§  The 15 minute treadmill run/walk portion for the duathlon will start at the same time as the swim portion of the triathlon, know your assigned wave time.
§  The treadmills are numbered with your number assigned at check in, please use that treadmill.
§  Set treadmills to whatever speed and incline you wish, and do what you can do during the allotted time.  Distance traveled will be recorded.
§  Gym shoes must be worn at the time of the run/walk portion.
§  Personal music is okay.
§  Please bring water or hydration fluids.
Closing Notes to Remember:  This is all for fun and a wonderful way to bring together friends for the common goal of supporting Girls on the Run.  If you feel there should be any medical reason you can not participate, please let me know ahead of time.  Check back on the blog after for pictures and video from the day!  Any questions about the event details, let me know!  You will receive your assigned wave time start no later than 5:00pm next Friday, December 14,2012.  There are still some spots available if any of your friends want to come as well.  Our next event will be the 8 hour spinning day, January 27, 2013.  Lots of fun, sweat and hard work working together to raise funds for Girls on the Run.  Thank you again for participating and helping me on the way to $50,000!

Jessica Leonard