Friday, December 14, 2012

Indoor triathlon duathlon wave times :)

Triathlon Duathlon Wave Assignments As I type this it is 12:01 am, on Friday December 14... so I can officially say TGIF!! There are so many little questions I have been asked about this wonderful event Sunday, and hopefully this email will answer them.. ANY questions after this email, please don't hesitate to ask, either call or email, or text and I will get right back to you !! First things first.... 1. Included in this email is the assigned wave times up including everyone I have on file as of this time. I will accept online registrations until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, and anyone that wishes to come day of will have to participate later in the day. I will welcome anyone and all, just know these waves were assigned based on time of registration! :) 2. Second, I tried, (key word tried) to put you with someone who I feel you would feel comfortable swimming with if you are participating in the triathlon. Remember.. this is for fun.. share the lane and be respectful of each other.. not everyone has done an Ironman, and not everyone has grandchildren.. :) we have people of all ages and abilities... have fun with this. 3. Don't forget your personal towel and goggles to use during the Triathlon !! :) you only have 10 minutes to change in between pool and spin bike... if you require more time, please know this would be deducted from the 20 minute spin. 4. There will be a spin bike outside the spin room to confirm your fit .. come early and check it out if you aren't sure and write down your settings... I will have a couple pens there if you want to write these down on your score card. 5. Double check your name.. if you are in YELLOW, you have already paid or mailed in your donation.. if you are in GREEN, please bring a CHECK made out to GOTR or cash. NO CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED DAY OF EVENT! 6. Remember to come at least 30 minutes early to check in and get familiar with the area.. we are located at Mercy Health Plex 3131 Queen City Avenue... Look for the neon Yellow posters :) 7. You will be given a goodie bag.. in this bag you will have your score card, a tasty treat, a water bottle, water, and a swim cap if you want one if you are participating in the triathlon... they will match your number on the check in sheet.. 8. Age group winners will be awarded after all the waves compete.. you will find this out after the event :) 9. THERE ARE some exciting raffles... Brooks Airbrush Studio will be selling raffles for a personalized helmet winner... this will go through our event in January and winner will be announced after the Spinning Day January 27.2012.. Designer, Kevin, is donating up to a level 3 helmet design on your choice helmet..:) Chances are only $15 dollars/ chance and can be bought at a door , 5 for $60 ! Check out his website, I can't wait to get my special helmet to match my bike!! You can purchase chances after Sunday's event as well. Also, there will be a look a like Michael Kors purse with a pass for 4 people and 4 carts for a round of golf at Clovernook Country Club. Don't worry, it doesn't expire until next December 2013.. pleanty of time to plan a good trip ;) This purse also includes a $25 dollar gift card to Frisch's, a yoga mat 4 personal golf towels sponsored by 5/3rd, two golf umbrellas also sponsored by 5/3rd, box of golf balls, exercise tubing band, box of chocolates, and two bottles of wines. These chances will be $20/chance dollars and will be sold through December, and January and winner will be announced before Valentine's Day. Treat yourself with your friends, or purchase as a gift for a family member. You can purchase chances after Sunday's event as well. 10. Remember this is all for Fun.. be ready to smile for the camera, and have fun... THANK YOU For Supporting Girls on the Run of Cincinnati and thank you for being one of the 82 people participating in this year's first big event towards my goal towards $50,000!!! Any questions, let me know, and I will see you Sunday! Below is the email I previously sent out to participants whom were signed up before Monday, December 10, 2012, please read if you have any concerns! GIDDY UP!! :) Jessica Leonard Tel: 513.379.2919