Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gobble Gobble.. until you wobble wobble!

!!Happy Thanksgiving!!  There are so many times we get caught up looking to see who posted what on facebook, and who has updated the latest post...  I am thankful for the opportunity that this morning to lace up my gym shoes and and I went for a 10k run throughout the streets of Troy... it was beautiful.. cool crisp air, and the sun was just marvelous... my favorite time of year to run~!! 
There are so many traditions of family dinners/lunches... and those I always will remember from the many years ago... there is something about closing my eyes and remembering my Great Grandma Armbrust home made noodles and chunky mashed potatoes and home made pies... although there are some yummy things, nothing will ever replace this favorite time she always had for us..

This weekend celebrates a weekend to get the tree up, lights hung, and have a huge push to try to get at least 50 people signed up for the indoor triathlon/duathlon!  Let's go!  GOBBLE GOBBLE!