Sunday, November 18, 2012

what a wonderful weekend to be THANKFUL...

 There are many times that I have heard that we should slow down, stop, and smell the roses.. and appreciate everything around us.. this weekend was one of those weekends.. except for I smell the fallen leaves, no roses, but I also stopped to just smile and be grateful!

Saturday was our Girls on the Run 5k, and it was wonderful!!!!  James and I decided to park up near the Bob Ronker's Running Spot to ensure a wonderful run down to the race, and I ran the 7 or so miles downtown, in tutu and all to the Cincinnati Girls on the Run 5k.

This is weekend .. I watched hundreds and hundreds of girls do their very own first 5k!  how exciting it was, and likewise, I ran with LJ, Little Jess.
Joy and the two Jess's

I was very excited to see some other friends and clients come down to the race!  Some where just so priceless to see finish... Phyllis Uffman... ROCK STAR!  This wonderful woman has started from never running, to running a little bit, to then running TWO 5ks in one year.. and one practice 5k with a cast on!  She continues to bring a smile and joy to anyone around her, and it has been a real treat to watch her grow as a Girl on the Run... Some of you might be thinking she is a young lad, but in fact, she isn't.. and this is one of the things I love the most about her.  She gives it her all, always, and just gives a couple "whews" along the  way.. regardless if they are one arm push ups, burpees, step ups "all the way up there".. she does it!  way to go Phyills.. we are all proud of you!!

Phyllis and Jim after their first 5k, spring 2012
Phyllis during her second 5k, Fall 2012
All Smiles!!  CONGRATS!!

Then there is Dick and Al.  Two of my " I want to be like you guys when I get older"  Both are inspirational role models for people like myself all day long. Both men strive to be healthy, keep their joints moving with weight training and cardiovascular training., both consciously work to make sure their nutrition is in tact.. they are just those awesome guys you are blessed to be apart of YOUR life when you meet them.. and to make it better.. both have participated in the 5k for a couple years now!  They make me smile every time I see they finished!  Thank you for your support!   

then there is the smallest Girl on the Run I know, little itty bitty teeny Skylar! 
Skylar's first 1.75 miles run!! 
Immediately following, for two days, I handed out Long Sleeve tech shirts to those who needed to pick their packets for Thanksgiving Day Race! I was thankful for the support to pass out flyers for our upcoming indoor triathlon and duathlon dec. 16 :) REGISTER AND INFO HERE :)   Onward to a wonderful successful Thanksgiving week!!