Monday, November 12, 2012

Running in the rain... Can be a wonderful wonderful thing ! If it starts to rain when you are out there when is dry to start ... Then sprinkle by sprinkle ... Then buckets ! If you are lucky ..  if the timing is right .. it is just enough to feel refreshed ! Today ... I see lots of folks dashing out of their car to avoid the rain... Ok, it might be to keep their hair style looking nice .. but for me, I covered the essential items, and just smiled ... Even hummed a little tune... " I'm just singing in the rain ... Siiinnnnggging in the rain .. "  Make this Monday a good one, start a new tradition, for you never know what might come of it... better yet... who you might become because of it...  just about 4 weeks until the indoor triathlon .. I really hope some fun people come out for it.. bonus points if you sing~:)
Take time to enjoy just a little bit of it ... It will bring flowers for the spring !