Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sometimes people say no to something before even the idea is out .. this might be for a simple question .. or a huge task... But all too often..  people say no ...

I remember seeing parts of Liar Liar, or some other movie when the goal was to say yes .. to everything... It's fun to try this .. for anything... something are harder than others of course, but it does make you feel better ..

I ask several of store managers for their support... Many seemed interested.. and I can only hope in a couple days we will see a higher level of people signing up...

All together .. it will be a success! Looking forward to the future, we hope to clear over $10,000 by the end of the year ... I wonder if I can do that !! I only hope so !!

This morning was an incredibly rare and gorgeous for a ride.. only 303 days left to train for Ironman Wisconsin!!

On the way home ... We could not resist  turning around and watching this ! Cows .. trying to cross Wesselman.. Haha some got across, others couldn't make the jump as you will see .. Haha classic !

Make it a great day ! It is beautiful!!