Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Conversational Piece... wear a tutu :)

This week, I had a wonderful week started off with my wonderful high school, Seton of Cincinnati SWAP which stands for Seton Women As Professionals, had a Happy Hour the Holy Grail at the Banks.. It was designed to kick off homecoming events and welcome networking opportunities for Seton grads, of all ages :) So, without any question, I thought what better way to get my word out about my fundraising goal than where a hot pink tutu and talk to who ever was there. One of my clients kindly said I looked like a rented clown for a birthday party, and I laughed.. more so loved it! I said so it will get you to wonder, right?
I went in proud, with a stack of business cards, and I was excited to see who was there... I constantly tell people I talk to, we are supposed to be at certain places at certain times :) the ladies I talked to seemed interested, they were excited to learn about the incredible community I volunteer in with Girls on the Run, and others were asking how they can help! GOSH- I loved having those small business cards I made handy, and I hope all donate a portion to this year's big goal! Then, Mrs. Nienhaus had a wonderful idea... here are these guys at Holy Grail setting up to host their broadcasting on their radio station, 1530 ESPN radio, why not suggest to them to mention my goal at the end of their segment, or on their blogs... BRILLIANT!
I took a deep breath and walked right over... Smiles welcomed my idea, my suggestions, and the guys were great! I was overjoyed that these well known guys were taking the time to write down some stats what I was trying to accomplish.. And Lance even mentioned he would give me a friendly shout out on his blog... My coworker, Shawn, gave me cool points for this... and I was ear to ear grinning.. that community support driven from the Seton SWAP! How awesome... This week I plan to finalize our indoor triathlon registration details... However it will be a 10 minute swim, a 20 minute indoor spin bike, and a 15 minute treadmill run/walk.. mark your calendars! all are welcome to try being a triathlete! Stay tuned and stay happy in a tutu :)