Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Fun Races...

Fall Fun Races... There is something I have learned to enjoy thaw past couple years. Fall races .... The cool, brisk cool mornings with thousands of your closest friends running or walking in for a cause you all believe in is an amazing thing that I am fortunate I get to participate in.... Sometimes, even I understand folks "just sign up" for the fun perks... Whether it be a unique shirt.. a key after party.. maybe they need some more Bling to look at as Big Daddy Diesel so nicely displayed... I do it for a couple reasons other than the spirit of the race.. and pancakes afterwards Haha.. It is has been proven that those who exercise together ARE more successful with hitting their goals, and sticking to it !
It has been proven our body needs those endorphins that get is just a little tiny bit nervous right before the gun fires, even if it is "just a 5k " for some ... Some of us can trigger those good feelings much easier than others... It has been proven those relationship partners that run together... Stay together... Haha or so I least hope it has been!
This weekend... I have two races lined up ... First the Hospice 5k ! The plan is to finish up our 15 mile run immediately after ... Relax a little bit with some lunch... Then head up to the Raegge Run... This is going to be my place to start asking for on site donations !! I plan to take some flyers.. this Race starts at 6pm.. so. I will Light up my tutu and start asking for $5-$20 dollar donations.. :) no hesitation... Just starting it ! I'm really excited ... Anything collected will be more than I started with !! Special thanks to Mr. Lance McAlister who posted on October 5, 2012 a quick shout out to my blog! Community Support is amazing and I am blessed for this opportunity to share everyone my goal for this next year ahead... Get outside, grab your running shoes, download this song and go!!