Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life can be simple if you take it one step at a time..

This weekend was going to be a beast mile weekend.. the longest run in training for the Columbus marathon scheduled is the wonderful 22 miler... I have ran this distance a couple times.. actually only a handful of times.. The first time was my Ironman, Louisville in 2009... this was the longest I had ever ran.. my first marathon, and to do that in my first Ironman wasn't the smartest idea, but I am willing to bet people have made far worse decisions..
Then my second time.. Shamrock Virginia Beach in March of 2010... this was mentally the hardest run to this date... I was in a city where I really didn't know anyone, but just wanted to get across the finish... it is still my best marathon, but not one of my favorite runs..
Third time was Ironman Louisville 2011.. this was more fun.. a little painful at times, but what marathon isn't? I loved seeing my friends throughout the course, and more so running a marathon.. in a tutu !! I promised if I fundraised $20,000 for Girls on the Run.. I would get that tutu and wear it proudly.. and I did... :) see picture above or this one :)
Up next was the Cincinnati Flying Pig.. The first time I have trained for a race with the man I love.. first time I had someone understand my compression socks, my early Friday night bed times, and my desire for anything and everything after a long training day ! James is a blessing, and I couldn't be happier. This race was a successful finish, but not my best due to some unwanted stomach and female problems all day.. but needless to say.. I made it to the finish line..
then.. training for this year's Columbus Marathon..I have had the best luck coming across Molly in training. She is my little push to keep going at a constant pace, and I am sooooo happy when she is there.. Our chatty stories make the miles fly, and I am excited to see how we do in this Marathon.. It is her first Marathon, and I couldn't be more "geeked" out for her.. I have had the best time running with her, and can't honestly say I am excited for this race! No picture there, but this one sums it up quite nicely!
Today's goal was to develop my very own QR-code for this site, and take Zoe, our dog-daughter, on her very first 5k! She rocked it.. and in a tutu :) More people were impressed with her than ever before... If only I had 50 cents for every time someone said "ohhhh look at cute the puppy is" The walk was honoring Sophie, and it was a huge success!! I think we would be up another $100$!
Tomorrow, I am taking my new sign and outfit with tuto the Seton SWAP fundraising.. if nothing else to start some conversation pieces for my goal.. Hang tight friends.. Life can be simple if you take it one step at a time..