Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm FALLing for your Fall, I really am...

There are not many things in the world that brings me to a stop in what I am doing. Ok, I take that back, there are many things that I often can distracted from what I am doing to watch something happen.. I will admit, like many of us in this wonderful world, I love to watch people... Not ol' fashion "creeping" but just like to watch how people do things, especially when they think no one is watching... this list of crazies could include anything from when you are stopped in traffic, and you happen to look over to the car next to you who is jamming to their favorite tune, and you know they don't know all the words and have that awesome jabbjabaa ohhh yeah, and then get right on track.... or that person that you look in their rear view mirror who happens to pick a little boogie, and they look around see if anyone sees them... we are all human.. you just didn't see me in the car in front of you... but I will tell you that is stuck in your bangs now after you ran your fingers through your hair.. haha.. yes that is funny.... but I love the passion in people...I have huge heavy hearts for the older people that are persistently going through their life strong.. to stay healthy and stay on top of their game... and of course I love fall... the smells, the sounds, and those wonderful leaves starting to turn colors... that time when you think it is still warm enough to wear a short sleeve shirt and shorts because you know that while you are cold to start, there will be a couple miles from now that you have that wonderful cool sweat on your hair line.. when you know if you stop at the light, you keep sweating but you might get those little goosebumps before you start back with the change of the light..
who does not love the open road, and nothing but a plan and an awesome play list to guide what you do ... except if you find someone who can chat with you along the miles... :) it is the small things in life that matter isn't it? FUNDRAISING !! I am excited I have already started making grounds for events that are going to happen this fall and going into next year already... my intention is to have an array of opportunities for others to stay active and participate along the journey to $50,000... I have planned the following: - Indoor Triathlon to occur at Mercy Health Plex, 3131 Queen City Avenue .. This can't be any more perfect for everyone wanting to "try" a triathlon! All three events will be times and raced at your speed with winners in different age categories.. and a pool swim! the whole event will be over in an hour!! Quick, painless and successful !! In the Month of DECEMBER! - Indoor 8 hour gruel indoor cycle nation! This was awesome last year thanks to many friends and I can't wait to see how awesome we do again this year... I hope to double my profits for Girls on the Run at this one event and bring in over $10,000.. in one day !!! yes... I dream big!! JANUARY :) - Bootcamp with our trainer Shawn Baker in a tutu for all the Valentines lovers... who wouldn't come work up a sweat with a strong guy in a tutu for a girls charity... I love the idea... FEBRUARY!! and this is just the beginning!!! I am pumped... I am ready...and it is just the beginning of fall!! I have found a new song that I would like to share with everyone... it brings a valid point.. don't ever think your donation is too small... everything adds up to something greater and even more special than you will know! Pass the acts of kindness on friends, and don't forget to check back in!!