Saturday, September 15, 2012

IRONMAN WISCONSIN - ROAD TO $50,000 for Girls on the Run of Cincinnati

I SIGNED UP! I SIGNED UP FOR MY THIRD IRONMAN! I SIGNED UP FOR THE IRONMAN IN MADISON WISCONSIN... I SIGNED UP TO HAVE A GOAL TO RAISE $50,000 FOR GIRLS ON THE RUN My, oh my, how things have changed in the matter of time of my last post on here.. Hard to believe that my last post was about how to follow me during Ironman Louisville in 2011. I finished that race... I did finish this race as you can see above wearing a hot pink tutu, as promised, if I raised over $20,000 for the Girls on the Run. I have been incredibly blessed to have a wonderful support team. My family. WOW. I am lucky to have a navigating brother to inform all friends and family home how I am doing, and he navigates to see me and take pictures throughout the whole day! My friends, my Iron-maids. They make it out there for all the long hours, and cheer their might and heart's desire all day! They probably don't know how much I look forward to running those couple blocks with them, and even stopping to take a a picture :)
My sponsors.. each and every one of you "Jessica's Journeymen" .. can you believe the impact all the funds collected has made? This year.. we take on a bigger step.. a larger goal.. and even better.. a huge impact for our Girls on the Run of Cincinnati. I have some ideas already brewing.. tee-shirts will be ordered... community outreach will be done.. with your help! I will raise $50,000 to benefit Girls on the Run in 2013!!! Thanks for checking in.. and check back often! Cheers!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is so cool, I hear Wisconsin has great support and crowds, especially up the hills, like Tour de france style!