Friday, March 25, 2011


So here is last weeks ride...argggg it was cold. and hilly and cold and hilly... none the less I decided to get out there and get some miles done...I met this nice guy, Kevin, he is also doing IMKY, and little did I know before meeting him, he is also the son-in-law of the wonderful lady who cuts my daddy's hair :) any chance to get some miles in, with a new friend that doesn't mind my snot, cursing, I, my friend, am game :)

So you know how it is soo early .. it is still dark. check out my good ol boyfriend bike still holding up in the dark, with fluids ready :)

The ride is above.. from Kevin's Garmin.. being that I kept turing mine off somehow, and I really am still learning now to use mine quite yet. It was a pretty course, except for that it was cold, and early and dark, but out on that good ol Paddy's Run we rode upon a Llama farm... yeah we have them in Ohio ....and I decided to take a picture while I was there :)

haha, I was yelling for them.. LLLLLAAAAAMMMMAAAAAS! haha, so off we went again, and I decided, my feet were too cold after our first trip that I tried to warm them up.. must invest in warmer clothes or something fun.. but we made out the park, and then decided to go for a jolly up climb to Crosby.. oh dropped chain.. yes! I love it too! at least it is good practice for if it would happen any other day .... all in all we averaged about 16mph, a little slower, but not bad with the headwind, wind, and dropped chains and stops. in the books and done :)

Here are most of my awesome awesome girls this season for Spring Girls on the Run... Every year, the girls are more and more different than my previous years.. I have strong runners, I have strong walkers and joggers... this season we have a great mix :) I decided to try to get some more pictures along the way.. this is during my lessons today :) we were talking about our community service project: here are our top three ideas :) carwash, walking pets for a day, and donating to clothes drive.. they are all like my little sisters..
Tomorrow, I am riding from Whitewater Park to Oxford and back... it should be fun :) I am excited, in a giddy kind of way.. mostly because even though... it will be cold, I have booties and socks from Jim Ray (THANK YOU) and my kick A$$jacket from Mary 2 years ago.. I barely get the chance to wear it , and with her and friends, it should be allll Sunshine on a Cold Day !!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Your a brave soul for riding in the cold, I only been out twice, has to be 40+ to get me outdoors, cycling season starts April 2nd and its gonna be a cold day