Saturday, April 23, 2011

I really need to start blogging more.. especially after rides like today.

127 miles :) aww not so fast.. 127 days..yes :) today was sooo incredibly wet... I mean terrible down - hard rain.. but my trusty partner in crime kept me in tack and rain had nothing to do with our mission to get some miles in..

I woke up in hopes to run down to Louisville for 80 of the 112 mile ride, except today they were expecting hail, and 30 mph winds with rain and thunderstorms, and we (Kevin, Karen and I) decided to bag that idea, and stay local.. Karen said not today, but I knew Kevin would keep me honest to my word to ride today...

I was all pumped about my new jacket:

and off I went from my house to his.. I knew also it would be a challenge of the bold and fearless today.. and before I knew it, we were on our way.. took Glenway out to Purple People Bridge, to Rt 8 to the end and back.. Here is Kevin patiently waiting on the KY side for our ferry:
Finally boarding, it was to give the ol' legs a break..... the back half of the Ferry is fun, looks almost like we would have a boat down. but alas we made it back to Ohio side... and off we went along River Road.. I laugh now, but at the time, we were thinking RR hated us.. I dropped one of my favorite bottles, went back (yes I did :) ) to get it, and the top was smashed off from a car... about 5 minutes later, bam, lost another one, went back to get that one too.. and then came the rain.. dropped a gel, we rode and rode, and turned on that wonderful 128, and we split off.., I knew those last couple miles would be wet, but I thought it would slow down a bit... thought. haha, through the rain, and a couple last grunts, I made it home, changed shoes and headed out for the run... I was DRENCHED!! it the matter of minutes.. it was horrible, and painful, but all I could think about is the end result, this Ironman race in 127 days...I got home and laughed . I have never been this wet except for the Flying Pig half - marathon last year.. haha Here is a video of the rain:

and Here is a link to our ride:

The cool thing is, today I realized I am already over the $10,000 mark for Girls on the Run :) Only $10,000 more to go by August 28, 2011!

Gidddddy Up for a big Easter tomorrow :)


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice ride, the weather adds to some mental toughness training which will pay dividends on race day

I am 90% sure I am heading down to Cincy for Tri for Joe this year