Friday, March 11, 2011

brick .. brick.. brick.. brick

So who ever first came up with the idea, take that back, idea of brick training had a good idea in theory .. until it is time to actually do one, or four....

Knowing that bike to the run And that ICK feeling all too well, I decided to change it up and throw in a little of my weights in the mix...

170 days .. and ticking ... today workout included :

4 rounds for time to complete:

20 alternating Kettle bell single arm squat with swings.. with 25 lbs.
4 mile stationary bike~ on an upright life fitness bike.
.50 mile run

First set .. no problemo, second. Ouchy those legs feel this.. third... there is that ick.. fourth.. get this darn thing over ! 62:01...

I am excited I did it.. And even more excited to be in Louisville for vball.. driving here. Passing New Castle, and more so La Grange.. I surely get those awesome goosebumps ... those nerves that scream 170 days. And ticking. Will you miss Jessica be ready again ?
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Big Daddy Diesel said...

Bricks are sooo NOT an fun to do. Especially the bike to run. Swim to bike isnt that bad