Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not enough sweaty days...and then we get snow?!!

Yesterday was one of those great days.. you know when for whatever reason things happen for a good reason, and you really don't know how it all turned out the way it did, but you are just happy it did..

Yesterday, I had 2 wonderful classes jammin to the classic 80s... and then my last two clients decided to cancel, and I had the incredible night to myself :) and the gym only had a couple people leff in sight...

I knew I wanted to get some solid work done on the deadermill-- enough already right?

SO, after setting the treadmill to 55 mins, speed 8.0 or higher, I ran a half mile, followed by some sort of three series for weight training... when I finished, I watched my favorite show minute to win it, on the eliptical... this isn't my shirt, but this is what it looked like..

This weekend we have a huge vball tournament in Louisville.. it always feels kind of funny to go there after all the memories I have.. and next weekend I am praying for a goooooood no snow weather day :):)

Signing out, and over.