Tuesday, August 18, 2009

yep.. 11 days..

11 days.. Yellow shirts are being worn all over the gym.. next Wednesday I have been asking all those that bought my over 150 shirts to wear them proudly....

11 days until the sound of chills and silence.. but I am getting nervous, and just start to have those "OH MY GOD" thoughts... but It is all coming close..

Saturday I had a little mini Sprint for the USAT Mid East Central Championships... Many people were discouraged not to do this race at all, but I decided to weigh my options, and do it anyway.

  • It was a 5:30 p.m. start, with the Option of the Sprint or the Olympic, I chose the Sprint
  • Open Water River swim for .5 of a mile
  • Race against some of the Best in The Region
  • Try to get used to the heat.. again
  • It was a 12 miles of bike
  • It was a 3.1 mile run
  • I got to freak out that IMKY is so close with other IMKY teammates


  • My foot still wasn't 100% (But then again I don't think it is ever going to be again)
  • It was hot
  • It cost money
  • I could get hurt

So.. Yep I thought it was a good idea to race after all. and ya know what. It was. My little Race Review:

Got to the race at a casual pace, and got checked in with no problem.. Learned that the hotel didn't have their AC working, and it was hotter inside there to check in then anything. Changed and started to get everything ready at my bike. I always check my little computer, and even though it wasn't working, and doesn't work all the time, I noticed I put my front wheel on backwards.. In order for me to take it off, I had to deflate the tire, and then before I knew it, the RD was screaming.. last call for shuttel down to the swim start.. last call for shuttel. THANK GOD Barry ( he always comes to my rescue. always) ran got his pump for me and I was ready to go. The shuttel down to the swim start was soooooo freaking hot, and I had Nigera man in Red Speedo right over my shoulder.. Still don't know how he kept all that in there..

Swim Start.. kinda horrible that we had to walk down to the barge bare footed, without knowing that there was going to be a bucket for sandles.. but on the barge.. it was kinda crazy watching the 60+ people try to jump in the water at the same time for the Mass Start.. Thinking about it, this is my first jump in mass swim start..I stood there for a minute and just kept telling people, okay.you go, okay you can go too.. and when I saw a clear spot, I jumped in.

Swim: felt so choppy for me, water has been feeling choppy in the river and the Creek, but just kept trying to relax and reach out in this down stream swim.. trying not to think about how much longer I am going to be in the water, or in the race over all. Missed the ladder step on the way out and got out on second try.. hit my watch at 14.13.. grabbed a gatorade and on I went into T1.

T1. Oh I laughed how I could just taste blah in my mouth and wanted it all out of my mouth. Got a good laugh from someone who saw my duct tape then I laughed as I almost hit the camera guy trying to master the twist off gatorade lid.. literally headed right to him..

Bike: Headed out and thought just be careful.. not get hurt.. but I was gunning for some people...Passed some, got passed by others.. Saw Seth, and it felt great to "chic" a guy on my own team :) Headed in after a short 12 miles on my watch at 40.01 and thought damn, I would have another 100 miles in a couple weeks.

T2: put on comfy gym shoes ;)

Run: Kept telling myself to play it safe, play it safe, run smart.. It was quite warm, and I thought this is perfect practice for Louisville, started out on the run and felt that little nag on my foot, and thought if I need to slow it down, go ahead, as long as I finish the race. There were stairs at the turn around point.. I laughed, and thought.. seriously, Stairs? but that wasn't the worst, but the grass that was on top. I had a couple huge sneezes, and scratchy eyes, and before I knew it I saw another little hill up to the finish line.. hit my watch at 27.16 for the run, 1:26 time overall..

Overall, I placed first in the athena, and second in my age group, 7th female over all the sprints, and I am quite happy I did it.. Will post pictures soon :)


Judi said...

hardware! YES! good to see you today. i am glad dominic could help you out.

Diane said...

i have enjoyed your posts! good luck on the 30th! i'll pass the word at the Plex about wearing the yellow shirt...

Mary Sunshine said...

GREAT JOB JESS! Hope to see you Sunday.