Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friends, especially Friends who know Bikes, are WONDERFUL

This week I feel like I have hundred of things to do and just keep thinking, oh yeah, better do that, yeah that to, and oh damn, that too... and the first thing on my list was uptuning Boyfriend..

I bought new tires for my Bike, Boyfriend, way long time ago, but I decided to put them on for my A race, Ironman Kentucky, and wanted to get new tape for the bars, and after my last ride, and not being able to unclip, and getting a partial fix to get me past the wonderful day of challenge... I wanted to get those clips looked at too...

I am grateful, and downright love that I have a trustworthy Bike shop within minutes of my work, and my house for that matter, and that it teammate and crazy IMKY friend Judi's boo Dom is their mechanic... beng that he wasn't going to be in the shop, I was welcomed to bring my little Boyfriend over to their basement...

Their basement had so many bikes, like tons.. and he is so freaking smart and nice to teach me about bikes... I don't get bike envy a lot, but some of those, especially Judi's that she is going to rock out IMKY on, are preeeettyyy. Jason Diaz, my partner in tri-wanna-be crime, once wrote an obituary for my bike when I thought about getting a new bike.. and now that the time is coming close, I am glad I kept my first one to get me through..

I had to run and get some new tape, and I piked Red, to match the bike, but also because it just made me think, "FAST" I know, I am crazy.

When I got back to their house, Dom had already put on my back tire for me, and cleaned out my gears and lubed them up, and was getting ready to teach me how to put on my front..Patience and stupid questions later, I learned how to put them one on, little quicker too.. just hope I won't need to do that..

When he put me on the trainer to check out my bike, he laughed at the first thing of how out of wack and low my aero bars are. I have said it time and time before, I envy those who just look comfy riding their bikes, and I never have felt that way.. and then he looked at my seat.. For this whole year of getting blood blisters in the lady who who area, I know now, just now that my saddle was turned to the left.. how bout that... fixed that, check.. and then he noticed my cleats.I need new ones, and sometimes I think, what else can I get, what else do I need to buy, but he suggested where to get my something to make me pedal more smoother with the cleats I have.. so I went and got them... and 4 bottles for my special needs bags..

It was fun to see how tiny Judi is...Glad to know that we are both kinda in that eating well, but what are you going to ... eat the day before, eat today, eat tomorrow.. Still don't really know what to eat, but she and others have suggested Salt is going to be my friend this next week, and carbs... and I already feel bloated..

I feel like I could have ran more, and maybe I might feel a little more comfortable with this race, but my Dr. apt is tuesday, and I am supposed to get my cortizone shot then...and maybe, just maybe my head will be at ease..

However I know some of you vet's are thinking, "ARE YOU CRAZY... DON'T MAKE ADJUSTMENTS LESS THAN @ WEEKS OUT!!!!" but really felt 90 times better than it did.. the true test will be this weekend with some casual riding..

Goal to finish .. goal to finish before midnight..


Judi said...

hey girl - thanks for coming over! i hope dominic was able to help you out. let me know how the ride went and if you need any other adjustments....