Wednesday, August 12, 2009

baby showers.. bridesmaid dresses.. and class de ironman..

So today is one of those days that I just have to sit back and take everything in.. as I sit here, I know I should be swimming, I really should be swimming, oh there are my goggles, saying hey you.. get going.. but not right now.. there are about 10 of our older men in the pool and they just take up lanes, so I WILL.. tonight at 9, when it is just me and only me... Planning an easy 1.5 miler.. just to think..
This weekend was good.. Saturday went and got fitted for yet another bridesmaid dress.. I am happy to the high heavens for Erin and Jim, really I am, it was just hard to get motivated when I was tired,.. then Sunday. Sunday I got up early and headed out on one of my last 12 mile runs.. as I was heading throughout the streets of Covedale, I did get a honk and keep it up from Lauren More (a friend who is a frequent in my spinning classes) an then along Glenway this stranger kept yelling: "heyyyyy, heyyyy you!... take this! I have been watching you for the last two miles" as she out reached a cold new bottle of water... in the back seat there were young girls just pumping thier arms getting excited.. I was and still am grateful for that stranger supporter.. for it was one of the hottest days this summer..

Then I headed home, finished making the desserts, and headed to Meagan's (Erin's twin sister) Baby shower :

This was just a riot.. so many things for the little babies I have no intention of having anything to do with anytime soon..Meagan, Jen, and Erin and I have been friends since kindergarden, and it is fun that we can still get together and laugh... Erin (the bride from Saturday in the blue) owns Fitness 19 in Louisville, and her and other's are excited about the race... after the shower, we had a "class de Ironman" and I had the chance to talk to them about where they should be, and where I will be during race day.. After many "oh my god's" I decided it was time for me to leave..

Headed to the tail end of Grandma' Leonard's Birthday Party and headed home.. My legs were in severe pain/tired mode, and I was cranky.. You know the point where you are so tired, and just want to sleep but can't fall asleep soon enough kind of pain.. yep.. Sunday night..

However Monday morning came, and I was back to work.. Excited about the State Volleyball meeting for Ohio Ref's and raising 145 dollars just by speaking for 5 minutes and walking around with a basket.. people do want to help a great cause :) and I am THANKFUL for that!
Went to lunch for some yum-yum Sushi with Brian the Great and Jason JD Diaz ... It was great to talk to them, and see how fun we can have over a couple pieces of raw fish..
However as the day went on, it did with again some serious foot pain.. this little ache isn't going away, and it seems as if it has transitioned from the start of a stress fracture to "Morton's Neuroma" which is defined as: "Morton's neuroma is an enlarged nerve that usually occurs in the third interspace, which is between the third and fourth toes" CHeck it out:

Treatment? Cortizone shot, and hope to make it through the finish line.. More so, just know my name and be under 17 hours..

I am to the point that I just want the race to get here... and be happening, especially with everything else around me going on...

Tomorrow is Fun day Thursday, and celebrating Ryan's birthday with Diamond Seats at the Reds game.. however the weekend will be sad, as I know a talk about his move to Phily will be brought up...

But deep down I know I have a goal ahead... 18 days.. it is really coming fast.. . faster than I had ever anticipated!! Ironman Louisville.. here I come..


Judi said...

hey - you are so tan! i am too! i just ran all along glenway today!!! it's so funny we both train over here yet we have never ridden together!

Amanda said...

You're ready, girl! just a couple short weeks remain...

Mary Sunshine said...

Hang in there, Jess!

Sending your crazy foot some healing vibes!

I'm collecting favorite songs of my IMLOU pals that I'll play on my boombox out in the middle of the run course where i'll be marshalling....send me some requests when taper madness sets in!



Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Jess!

Let me know what time Sunday. Will be so great to see you!