Saturday, August 8, 2009

One of those days..

This morning.. oh this morning was rough.... last night, I had an incredible home cooked meal from Ry and I am trully grateful for the night in... I decided to give him his birthday present of Reds' Diamond Seats and hotel stay early, and he was pumped.. literally.. I think he stared at the sheet for about an hour :) but this morning, the alarm went off early, and I just had that inner voice (hopefully other's have it too) that yells NOOOOOOOO, stay in bed for 5 more minutes
But Like a good boyfriend, I hear a voice.. "get up... you gotta do your training"... Lucky for him he can just roll back over for a couple hours, and I feel like my head is going to explode it is so tired.. But I get up... peel on my suit and head up to Caeser Creek... Today I knew I wanted to do a long swim, and just getting in to the groove was hard..I walked over.. and staggerdly, I just kept telling myself.. the sooner you start, the sooner you are done.. the sooner you start..... and off I went... the water felt choppy... I was one of the later swimmers in the water, and it was hard for me just to get to the first bouy.. why do we have these days, when other days time just passes by... If someone would have tapped my shoulder after the first 500 and said you can get out now.. I would have been out in no time at all...but I kept going, and going... and before I knew it I was out and done!
Tomorrow I have the hopes of getting up early for a long run.. for me and this foot that means about 10-12.. slow and easy, without pain is the goal :)
hopefully, there weren't be any choppy roads.. 22 days..


JP Severin said...

I love your layout! Amazing video!