Thursday, August 6, 2009

Really.. 23 days...

I am sitting here at work.. reading about all these other athletes and how the time is clicking.. we are getting closer... soooo fast!!
Today I ran for only about 4-5 miles.. I say only because I think about that long 26.2 miles that comes up after that 112 miles after that 2.4 swim..

I am getting to the point that I know I am not going to be the fastest.. I know I am not going to be too much up on the top of the pack.. but I know I can do it.. just have to do it..

Last weekend was a great learning experience..and sometime soon I need to get a new bike fit.. for seriousness my legs felt that ride ahh too much..

But until then, I am pledging straight forward with my shirts.. I only have about 20-30 left.. many smalls and mediums if anyone wants to buy any for their kids or families :) only 10 bucks a piece.. can't beat it :) I am afraid to look to see where I stand with other Janus participants..

Speaking of participants.. over 3000!!!!!! What the heck.. I thought there were only a selected few of us that are this crazy to do this... but over 3000!! I am thinking about getting some light up glasses so my friends know it is me coming when it is pretty dark outside! I will do this.. right?


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Yes, you will do this. You put the time in, thru the miles, the pain, the injuries. This is actually your reward for all your hard work! In 23 days, you will know as Jess the Ironman!!!!

Do you have a time your predicting? You going to post your bib number so we all can follow you through out the day.

Best of luck to you. You will rock.

Judi said...

hey girlie. almost. there.