Sunday, August 2, 2009

WHY oh WHY have I not ran with friends more?

Today was my first day in soooooooo long that I didn't set an alarm.. Forgot how good that can feel... I knew I was going to go for a run..not a long one because I am still nursing my foot.. but a nice casual one to get some sushi with my long lost friend Jason Diaz... JD is the man that first introduced triathlons to me... . This was 3 years ago... we raced out at Morgan's, it was a canoe, run, bike... and I thought during that time I was going to die.. During our run together today, we laughed at how far I have come since those days...

I drove over to his house with tired, and heavy legs.. I knew starting the actually run was going to be the hard part... But alas.. running with someone makes the time go so much faster.. Before we knew it we were at one of our favorite local sushi spots.. and we were bummed... really bummed.. so we continued our run up to Panera.. grabbed some lunch.. and got up..

Good ol' JD has five jobs out in Cali.. I envy at some .. no all the great work he is doing, and I can' wait to go visit all his modaliy centers.. I swear to it one day he will make walk out of their disablity chairs... He plays wheel chair tennis, basketball, even soccer with students in wheelchairs... amazing... but the fun part was that the run flew... I don't know why all this time I didn't try to find someone around my pace to do my long runs with...maybe for my marathon??

4 weeks.. 28 days.. here I come..