Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good Patient Friends (New and Old) are the Best!

throughout this time of training for the Ironman, I have had numerous text from friends and family asking the infamous... "how far is this race again... and where and when is it!" However through all the "oh my gosh" and " are you nuts".. I actually have some deep down, good ol' supportive and patient friends...

From my boyfriend who patiently says, "geeeeeze.. that sounds likes something I want to do... minus the something I want to do" as he wishes me goodbye on the early Saturday Morning training days... to the friend that understand I am running late to her bridal shower because I got lost after an early in the season bike ride, to my friends that understand I can't drink them under the table because I had to run 10-15 miles the next day..

Then to my family, especially Mom and Dad who put up with all my "crap" of such laying around everywhere around the house.. Even though I want to move out, they are patient enough to allow my bike sit in the kitchen, and "Fluid" stock the fridge...and let me lay everything out all over the floor for today's festivities.

However today.... I had gotten picked up by my training buddy Freaking Fast John Book, and Mark Bunch was going to meet us as we headed down to Louisville for yet another ride of the course. I had planned this to be my last 112 long bike until August..

We had all three planned to do the swim preview... I practiced wearing my Zoot Suit, and the water looked murkey as ever...Gotta Love that ol Ohio River..I went out.. kept swimming, swam some more, kept going, and then not knowing really where to turn I decided to turn around after 26 mins out.. and then with the current... oh how fun..i was back in 7:47 mins.. ha! yes.. there is a current!!

Got everything ready for the bike, and off we went... I felt pretty good.. keeping my heart rate down as it can ride with excitement for flats... Then .. DUN.. DUN... DUN... my left cleat wouldn't unclip.. I then had to ride past the parked cars at the red light and turn a quick right.. DARN UNCLIP... some laughed and said just keep riding, don't unclip.. but I had no control on that foot... and I knew would't be able to ride much longer. I had that gut feeling that I knew I was bound to fall... MARK BUNCH (UNSUNG HERO #1) went with me and detoured to the best little bike shop . Louisville's Mountain Bike Depot.. They were awesome, quick enough, and didn't bother asking for money.. just suggested I get a new fitting for my bike.. then KATIE from Chicago (UNSUNG HERO #2) and JASONOSU (UNSUNG HERO #3) were waiting right by the out and back... now.. I didn't do this section because we had already went out of our way 12ish miles..

The Four of us went on our little way.. and we decided to just do the 80miles... I saved my leg batteries, and my speakers for the last of Wolf Pen Branch.. and Back we were.. Mark from Chicago (UNSUNG HERO #4) and I ran bout a 25min brick. down to transition area fountain (got my hat wet Mary.. nothing else..).. and I feel okay.. little light headed...drunk feeling...but okay.

All in all I am grateful for new and old fiends for their patience today, and I can only wish the best for you!! 4 weeks! Woop Woop!

p.s. heard a triathlete was hit and killed while riding/ racing on our course today.. scary.. I hope everyone says safe.


Judi said...

when did that person get him? and where?