Thursday, July 30, 2009

30 Days ..

I am going to write 30 post leading up to THE DAY!

Today was and is so far great.... I took off the whole morning.. just because I needed to, and I wanted to. Tonight is a big night of the GRE and I really will do great.. I know it.. I can feel it..

This week, one of my clients Lynn (Pictured here with my other HUGE SUPER FAN Sue) told me she has a new goal for me... train her and get her ready for the Senior Olympics.. for a sprint triathlon in the Senior Olympics in 2011!! Now I will say it is in these moments like this in my life I just get a little tear.. I am most honored when I can introduce something to somone, rather it be a walk, the pool, a triathlon, and they want to succeed and take it up a notch.. I frankly looked at her, gave her a high five, and said "Kick ass!" How cool! Lynn and Sue will be down at the Ironman, wearing their yellow shirts that YOU CAN STILL BUY.. and I am honored she has as much support for me as she does..

So, this morning, we got our butts up on this off day and I took her for her first open water swim up at Caeser's Creek.. there was no one there!! it was 7:30 am, and besides one boat.. we were it! It was absolutely fantastic..You never know how far those bouy's are, but I say by the time of my laps, we swam a little over a mile!

She did great.. really.. as she is expierencing what I did and that is trouble with sighting.. but we headed home, had a tastey protein shake and I crawled in a bed for my massage by the wonderful.. oh so sweet Andrea.. She meaded at the feet, and the quads, and my upper back, and everywhere.. and before I knew it I was done..

I am getting ready to settle in and watch some you-tubes...

Here is a great one... brought some tears to my eyes!!

I took a deep breath and thought.. 30 days to make my way to the finish line.. 30 days!


Judi said...

a great way to rock the last 30 days jess. i'll be anxious to read everyday! :)