Thursday, April 16, 2009

Relaxing... Is it possible..

My clients tease me all the time, that I am go go go.. non-stop.. Never know where I will be or when, but most of the hours during the week I am at 3131 Queen City.. aka Work... However after last weeks awesome ride, I decided to try our Yoga class at work.

Being that I work at the fine Mercy Health Plex and Wellness Center, we have several different classes, and even though I love teaching Bootcamp. I took Yoga. Yes, this inflexible, oh so tight muscles, girl that stretches other people every day girl... It was nice. Really peaceful, but I stunk worse than old Nike's that are several years old in your face stunk. I am so tight, and throughout the whole session, I thought about how I really should do this to prevent injury during this journey to IMKY.

However the time is usually when I train Sue, and I will have to see if I can move her back to 9, but I am really going to make an effort to go.

Then that evening, on Tuesday, Ryan and I decided to go get Sushi... kind of went with the relaxing day.. We went to Aikra up on Tylersville, and it was quite yummy. One of my clients, Lynn, had asked what I usually eat before Races, and I said tai and sushi... kind of my superstition, but I thought why ruin something that works :) Here we are very excited about our enormous plate of yummy fresh sushi.

This weekend, I have my first Tri of the year as I said. Really, I am not doing it to win it, and not even in the Athena division (that's with your suggestion Mary) but I am excited to see where I stand compared to last year..I have heard many friends and teammates going to be there, and I am thrilled to welcome Lynn in to the sport of Triathlons.

And then the beautiful Emily Longhauser will be married to Dave Hulsmann... she will be EMILY HULSMANN! So excited to be actually a normal folk (well kinda normal) at a wedding :)

Keep training, and keep smiling...



Amanda said...

YAY for sushi! and yoga! and not being a bridesmaid! :)