Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh what a night..couple days and nights :)

This was yet again another unforgetable weekend....
Tri Season 09 Here I come!!
I will be posting race report, and pictures from the Miami University Student Triathlon tomorrow! Stay posted!
Emily Sue Longhauser is proudly now Emily Hulsmann, and her wedding was beautiful as she was stunning as ever! Picture of my pretty cute stud escort to follow also.. but who am I lieing.. it is just for me to show how I can look all perrrty (and girlie )outside of training gear.
THEN.. Dunnn, Dunn, Dunnnnn, Dunnnnnnn.. (insert background music here.... the kind most movies have before it starts...) I have totalled my checks to date and I am CURRENTLY at ..
I just have a little smile across my face when I finished my last entry!! KEEP IT UP.. it is because of you that over 300 Girls in the Cincinnati Tri -State area are learning about self respect and healthy living through GIRLS ON THE RUN.
Long day tomorrow, but stay posted... the best is yet to come:)


JonathanMarathonMan said...

Good job - thanks for following my blog. I need to post more, You are an inspiration. Train hard and eat well.

Jeana Olszewski said...

Sydney and I are still following you!!