Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter's Blessings..

This week has been full of blessings and after hearing that friends and family are following my blog, I vowe to update at least every other day...

This week we had an amazing (and challenging) practice 5k for the Girls on the Run I am coaching and raising money for. Here we are after an amazing race.. You can sign up for the 5k Run.walk that will take part at the Paul Brown Stadium by clicking here> GOTR RUN/WALK.
Crossroads Girls on the Run Team

Then after feeling pretty strong from this weeks training sessions, I decided to ride my bike to my bootcamp and continue my ride after our Cincy Girls get together. I knew I wanted to ride at least 50 plus miles, and it was such a different kind of ride than I have had in the past. I left from Jayne's and headed down North Bend, to West Fork.. Took West Fork allllll the way down to where it dumps into Harrison Avenue. Turn right on Harrison, and rode this alll the way out until it crosses over 128. When any rider, or maybe just me, see cars flying down a hill to the stop sign, I just get that "oh no" feeling. I ate another oh so yummy Power Gel, and thought here goes nothing... Having my Ipod (only in my right ear) helped, and up and up and up I climbed. I had no idea where the top of this hill was going to be, and before I knew it a guy on a motorcycle was right next to me... He tried to encourage, just kept saying keep pumping, keep moving, keep spinning, and kindly I just said you are not helping sir. Just leave me be sir. but he didn't seem to get the picture. I just kept telling myself over and over... it is this out and back, this is your out and back, keep going, keep going. Soon I made it to the top, and I was passing local biker bars. At the top, he finally said good job, and I am on here, and that is why I have this. No joke this guy and his friends resembled this find looking lad on the left...

I continued on and before I knew it I was coming up on Old Harrison Pike... and I knew I made it to Harrison.. yeah :) and now just to get on Kilby. When I turned Left on Kilby, I just pictured the straight stretch on River Road.. I remember Mary telling me that it was like a sprint fest.. and just coming home after the 100 miles prior on the course... I just loved this road... It was one of the first times I felt comfy in my aero bars. I think it was the smooth pavement, or just that I wasn't worried about a popped tire, but my cadence was beautifully smooth, and I just went along with the sun and the road. I didn't want this road to end, but alas, here I made it to the corner of Kilby and Route 50. Route 50. I remember riding it frequently last year, and thinking there were parts I loved, and parts I wanted to pass so I knew mentally where I was.. Down in my aero I went, and before I knew it I had my speed up to where I wanted it and my music pumping my legs. I passed my Dolly Monument, and passed Fernbank... soon would be Bender and the temptation to climb it came across.. no, I thought, keep on your mission.. On I went, and there was Anderson Ferry, where two years prior I fell, hard trying to climb, I wonder if I could today, no, again I thought, keep going. Soon I would come up to Jim and Jack's and I would approach the climb of Fairbank on to Delhi, this little climb will getcha if you aren't ready. But again, I made it up.. then there is Rosemont. This stinking hill bites my tail and I have yet to make it up it.. I try, I mentally am tough, just legs shot at this point, and it is one of my goals to get up it before IMKY.
Sunday. I had a great morning run before Mass, and then had fun recording my new checks... check it out... $3,390 raised!!! SOOOOO AMAZING! Keep checking the columns on the right for updated list!
I am grateful for each day, and looking forward to the busy week ahead. Thanks for your support, and keep pushing..


Mary Sunshine said...

You are doing great! Keep riding! Keep climbing!

big hugs,


Amazing job on the fundraising!!!!!