Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Run while you can...

There are many times throughout this journey that I hear... really? that many miles .. really 2.4 swimming, then really.. 112 miles on the bike... then just really you want to get some more in, and have 26.2 miles to finish the run.. really? YES REALLY.

This weekend:
**amazing, amazing start with a season opener Caeser's Creek. I did get a little goosebumpy driving over the creek for the first time this year... I just thought, let the whips start cracking, and here we go. There were TONS of CE folks.. I loved it, I wish that I would have met more... but had a great 45+ mile bike ride, and even conquered THE BEAST for the first time this spring..
**then made a trip to 5/3rd ball park for a baseball game, and up to Troy :) (Hi guys :) ). Good comfy nights in always are fun, and I needed the rest...
** Sunday, I awoke bright eye and busy tailed, or as someone says like a kid on Christmas Day, and was ready for the day. Went to yummy Montgomery Inn for dinner with Ryan and Dad, and came home to settle in with 7 Pounds.
** Monday, Opening Day with my Cincinnati Reds :) Rain, Wind, Snow, or Storm.. we were troopers and it was fun to be with great company :) Looking forward to many games ahead.. We even took the bus home :) Hey. first time for everything :)

then today.. My first Batch of donations are coming in.. Check the side panel for always updated lists!! IT IS BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT, this is all coming into reality.

Reality.. Funny thing is that when people ask me really? you want to do that long of a race... I Say simply. Yes.. I just want to finish... I have my favorite mantra always repeated in my head:

"Run while you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must... JUST NEVER GIVE UP and FINISH!"


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Doesnt it get a little old explaining our sport everyday, even to the same people.

Judi said...

i wish i could meet ya'll on saturdays at CC. bummer i have to work.

Steve Stenzel said...

OMG. I haven't seen that video. Wow. I could have used that as motivation in T2 last weekend. Thanks for sharing!!