Sunday, February 8, 2009


This weekend.. like many of my weekends.. was jammed pack!! I could write and write... but this is going to be short and a list of the top unforgettable memories...

1. Ran freaking 15 miles! AND DIDN'T get lost!! Ran it all with the exception of a couple lights in the streets of the west side...
2. Got splashed like the little ladies on commercials... HUGE downer, but laughed.. because it was a McDonals truck, and he honked.
3. Ran 15 miles and felt okay.. except for today... my right calf is tight, and my left achilles, oh my god.. it hurts.. hurts bad.. but I can Still walk.. Need to buy a heart rate monitor... really really bad!
5. THIS IS US PRE-PLUNGE.... our skit was to have me jump in and the guys kinda just laugh and not know we planned that.. and them shake their heads and then them jump in after me.. it was Cold.. but worth every Penny for Special Olympics. see more pics here: Plunge

6. Went out to Cady for some fun fun fun with friends :) I love friends.. they are some of my biggest fans!

7. Had my fundraiser indoor riding challenge.... rock on... raised 460.00 bucks all to GOTR!!! AWESOME! 2 hours... learned some things there:

a. Make sure everything works... way before class starts.. not just the hour before.

b. Don't be afraid that if things don't go right. just remember these people are here to support a good cause.. and get a good ride in... afraid? to jump up and teach 30 plus riders a spinning class...who cares if you aren't a spinning instructor.. right?

c. sweat it out... scream it out... burn it out !

d. smile for the camera....both the pics here: Cincyexpresgroupride .. More to come :) and for channel 12 camera man.... how cool was that!

e. thank everyone, especially my CE folks and Jim and Mo for helping me set up, and take down.. and Amanda for the music last minute and anything else needed!! plan for another to hit 50 plus people!! Maybe in 2 weeks?

8. SMILE... and be grateful... one blog I follow talks about things every day I am grateful for... This weekend!! Every part of it... if you were there to ride today.. THANK YOU.. you will help me reach my 5,000 goal.. and thank you for bearing with me during my tech difficulties... check back for more pictures, I will hope for feedback... any and all :)

9. Go to bed early :) Rest is good!

10. Oh Yeah... and breaking over the 1,000 dollars raised mark!!! WHO RA!! :)


LKA said...

That DOES sound like an awesome weekend. Congrats on that 15 miler! What a way to spend a couple hours, huh?

You are an inspiring training machine! Awesome.

- Lora

Judi said...

great pic! i have one of you too i need to email to you.

hope your ankle is better jess!

see ya soon-


p.s. are you a member at the y?

John Book said...

Don't forget your swimming. And quit calling it boring.