Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me...and Condoms from Mom

I decided to enter my year of excitement to take off yesterday.. completely.. I ran 10.5 on the schedule on Saturday, had some fun with some friends, and didn't do a darn thing yesterday... Not one thing!! I literally layed around on the couch, and watched some tv, read some of my favorite new book, and then went to bed before 9. It was great!

However, unlike years in the past, there was no cake :( no icecream :( no dinner of choice. which I wanted Tai... I really will have to get this by myself... or hope J.D. saves some sushi for me out in Cali... but I did get an unusual gifts from Mom... Condoms.. TOE condoms to be exact.. she thought this was too funny considering I am in the process of having bruised toe nails, blisters, and nastiness on my feet from my marathon running. I thought it was funny toe... just not what I was thinking. I liked her little dance she did with my card too..

Funny thing about birthdays... this nice looking striking lad stroke up a conversation with me Saturday night.. then he said oh, it is your birthday... how old are you.... I said I am turning 26 tomorrow... he said oh, and with the most disgusted face he said really? I laughed and said do I smell like tuna all of the sudden.. what's wrong with that.. he said.. I just turned 21 last night, and you are like 30! I just had to laugh.

This year of 26 of my life:

- I will finish a marathon.. not too worried about my finishing time.. just crossing the Line.
- I will finish an a half Iron - distance... I thought my teammates were nuts last year with this...
- I will finish an Ironman... Crazy.. and I like it. hopefully under 17 hours.
- I will watch one of my clients, and possibly my brother finish their first triathlons. I have been told I have inspired them to tri one! So much fun!
- I will raise money for GIRLS ON THE RUN. First fundraiser this Sunday 2-4 ! Can't wait!
- I will watch one of my best friends marry her best friend and love of her life, and try to be the best dress holder . (ha) ever!
- I will volunteer more... maybe Kona! (Yes I have thought about it)
- I will learn, love, and grow!

This list is as of today.. I am sure there will be more! But until then, I am just praying for the nice weather we are supposed to get.
Happy Birthday to me!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! That is a very impressive list of goals for this year.

LKA said...

Happy Birthday! That is a really weird gift from your mom, indeed!

So, is completing the marathon a part of your IM or separate? Sorry. Had to ask. :)

Cristy said...

Toe condoms ehhh? Perhaps I should invest in theese MArathons are the devil to my toes!Happy Birthday Jess and im sure you will be very succesul with all of your goals!

Mary Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday!

Beauty is ageless...and if you ever see said lad again..punch him in his 21 yr old gut. HARD.

IMHO, get used to your toes. It gives them character.

Hugs! Hope you have a blast this sunday! Please post pics!


Dusty said...

What a wonderful list! You WILL accomplish all of those. :)

yul meade said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jess, continue you journey with Joy, Perseverence and a Smile--nevermind the guy's remark...afterall, i think there is a reason [imho] peacock's don't talk...