Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day.. or Weekend!!

This week has been a learning journey. Learning to rest. Learning to help friends miles away. and right next door can be a wonderful thing. Learning to listen to my body. Learning to be patient. Learning your role models continue to be awesome (thanks for your awesome email again). Through these though, there is the learning that usually, if you look at the glass half full, you will LEARN things happen for a reason. I have stayed put from running, and the ol achilles seems to get a little better..... Not too much grinding today.. lovely sounding doesn't it. I will take today and tomorrow off again, and see what Monday's appointment with Rod holds.

Learning the power of people. I have a member, Bill, who we speak often, and it was great to share my journey with him, and talk to him for a while about the Ironman, and the greatness of Girls on the Run. Thanks for your donation support Bill!

Learning I love to hang out with young gals... this week was my first week's practice with the Girls on the Run camp, and I love them. I crack up thinking about them as I sit here, and I know I say it a lot that I don't want kids, these girls just make me giddy to be around them. They have the excitement of being together, and laughter that is contageous for hours, and I am so excited for these next 11 weeks with them.

Learning there are some still some good fishes in the sea... that give me dinner, a flower, and box of candies too :) Hey, it is true there is a first time for everything :)

Learning there are generous supporters in the community. Thanks Linda, the letters and cards look amazing... I can't wait to send them out!! ALL 500!!

Learning that throughout the week of just swimming, there is light at the end of the tunnel.. It was good to rest, and I hope, really hope that Monday's appointment will give me to go to continue with this journey...

Learning first thing this morning, I made the newspaper... check it out here...SMILE

Happy Valentines Weekend... I hope you all enjoy it... it won't come again for a year :) :)


Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Jess,

I'm hoping your injury passes quickly. Thinking of you and praying hard.