Monday, February 16, 2009


This is what I thought I had... keyword... HAD HAD HAD! Even though my left achilles area is still much more swallen than my right..

Tonight... I write quickly.. mostly because I need to get in to bed, and because of the good news.... My achilles currently doesn't have a tear!! Yippeeeee! According to my MRI, and the ultrasound with the great bambino Dr. Rod Roof.. there doesn't look to be any tears..
-Am I supposed to run.. Nope.

- Am I going to be able to run the marathon.. probably could, but IMKY is the big picture, and after talking to Rod, and many supporting peers, I would rather miss out on the marathon, knowing deep down I could have done it, and be more ready for IMKY.

- Am I cleared to cycle. Nope. (intersting about my left ITBand always hurting, and now this.. it really does start all at the feet).

- Can I swim.. YES!
and lots of it will be done these weeks ahead.. LOTS!

- Can I use the eliptical.. if my feet stay flat... YES
- When Can I return to running.. when I can squeeze my leg with no swelling or pain.

SO... Who knows when that will be.. he thinks 3 weeks. Good news that the achilles is not torn or anything though! and I get to wear this fine and dandy thing to bed every night!

Signing off with first good news of the week :) Also... March 15th, 08 will be the bring your trainer ride for take 2! I am hoping to have at least 50 people signed up!!!!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, good that its not a tear. That would suck. You have to were the dreaded boot too. My achilles has been painful lately, kinda making me a lil worried, my coach tells me its do to weak calf muscle. (all sorts of problems with run training) Its fine during work out, but once its resting, man, it feels tight.

Hey, I have a question about Team Cincy Express. I met someone in the Cincy area looking for training buddies, I directed to your team and he thinks its geared for the more serious athletes and is thinks the team only does long mile training. Does your team have novice and beginner run and bike work outs?

Thanks, hope you recover soon.


LKA said...

Sooo glad it's not torn. Shew, what a relief that news has got to be for you. Here's to a speedy recovery!

Cristy Doll said...

Sign me up for part 2, hope ebverything heals quickly hang in there!!

Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Jess,

So glad to know you don't have a tear. I hope the healing happens quickly.

Thinking and praying for you!