Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chickens on the Run!

Today... I decided I need to take a little more what I preach into my own practice... Each Tuesday and Thursday we, the coaches of Girls on the Run, teach these girls how to take some part of life, and put it into use. Tonight as two other girls, one coach and I were setting up the cones, we decided to nick name the cones, chickens... My goofiness, and random thoughts as we were coming downstairs, came up with this, and we giggled as we shivered and put the cones out in the lot. From here on out.. they will be the Chickens.. and then I laughed (as we all know it doesn't take much) and said.. ohhh it is like Chickens on the Run.. like the movie, instead of Girls on the Run! :)

Today though we had a negative box of things we want to get rid of that are negative.... 2 cards dropped, and then many many laps of positive cards were given. I want to do this... in this box, I want to drop the cards of negative thoughts or words..... There are not many times, but sometimes I get the tiny nasty erge... whether it is the person taking up too much time as they make a turn driving their car, or the slaming breaks... or even, how people don't put things away at work... I want to take these negative thoughts and put them in the box. As we taught the girls, I can try to do something good with the negative. I will try to help put things away, and just let the people go slow... If I am in a hurry, it is my fault.. not theirs.. I also want to take my negative not so fast recovery mentality out the door.. Today, my good ol achilles (which that is NOT my foot in the picture) feels good...first day of a couple week rest here we come..! Kicked my own arse during my swim... Good positive words that each girl and were given to each girl during each lap! I hope and try to stay positive, I really do. and the big one I liked is cheerleader... PERSONAL CHEERLEADER!
There is the possibility of doing a BABY Tri in Feb. This fish I know... RYAN.. yes YOU RYAN! :) mentioned this to me.. and I am really considering it... it would be just about 3 weeks of solid rest, and it is a short.... short.. short.. tri. 15 min. swim, 20 min stationary bike, 15 min treadmill run... just to get my feet wet back into the sport... and we could hang out again... I guess that would be another plus :)

So many things to consider... off for now to wear my kickin boot, and watch biggest loser! Cheers!