Thursday, February 19, 2009

MY Mainsqueeze... my man.... my boyfriend!

Mary Mary, my mentor, has always suggested the following..
...something that spends THAT much time between your legs should ALWAYS have a name! A cyclist's gotta have SOME morals!!!
This is one of the first things she told me, and to no question during my first try at parts of the IMKY bike loop, I said, okay. Boyfriend. My bike will be named Boyfriend. He is there to listen to me whine, especially on hard, hard climbs up, high, high climbs, and doesn't say a word, he is even there to hear my beautiful singing during flat boring parts of rides, he is even there to hear me squeel a little bit as I get excited to go down hills faster than I am ready for at times. However, rain, snow, wind, or heat, he is there ready for me to ride him 24.7 :) Oh yeah :) haha!
However, until I get this beauty off my foot, at least for the night laying around periods, I won't be doing much of anything with my boyfriend. Today was my first day of PT, and I even tried the arch trainer (yes Rod, keeping my foot flat) for 20 mins. I did a whopping one mile. But I actually broke a sweat for the first time doing something cardiovascular outside the pool. For the record, it is also very very verrrrrrrry hard to run in the pool. Is it possible I just don't know how to run in the pool.
Here is to a quick recovery..... IMKY... see that little count down... 192 days.. and counting!! Eek.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Isnt naming your bike fun. You think you have a name while your at the LBS, but its not till you take it out on the road, you realize the name it should have.