Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh it is Cold.. and I don't like the treadmill much..

This week has just seemed to fly by... literally... I have to say though, I have stayed on track of where I wanted to be.. I even got my tired butt up to the gym yesterday to run my 8 miles on the deadmill.. I did have to make a little post it note with the M-Dot symbol to put by the fan on the treadmill to touch each time I wanted to get off... even though I know it was worth it because I had some amazing first time Duey's pizza that night :) :)

It is times like this that i keep saying August.. August.. or even more so.. MARCH.. MARCH..

This week is going to be harder to stick to training.. with Christmas events and family in town to see! I will try to get up early, and I will try to stay later at the gym.. but oh how I love to be with friends and family more than the spinner at the gym..

Here is to staying warm in sub zero (-15 be exact) windchills and run training on the treadmill..


Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Jess,

This Sat and Sunday look reasonably ok to ride outside if you interested.

Will likely ride at 10:30 am from Lunken and try to get 3 hrs. Not sure about Sunday...maybe out of College Hill coffee on Hamilton?

ENJOY your holidays and time with family and friends! I'm sure they are so proud of you!! as we all are!