Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mismatching socks and old sweat pants.

I love the those little things and life, and this morning just makes me smile :) Getting up early is hard, but then knowing today I won't have time for a ride, I just put on my mismatching socks, and old sweatpants, and my boyfriend and I went for a ride... today was a tribute to Christmas songs on my Ipod, (thanks Travis) and just cranking out the hour and half I wanted to.

It was harder this morning... mostly because I knew I had to get it done, but sleep felt sooooo good... more so just my warm bed felt good... and I just took it in steps... 1. roll out of bed... 2. put my shoes on and 3. stard pedaling...

and look... it is done! it is days like this that I am thankful for a home trainer, and that no one can see me work .. in my beautiful mismatching socks, and old sweat pants :)


Mary Sunshine said...

You are awesome!

What's the plan for the weekend?

I could actually host a trainer session from 8-11 on Saturday or sometime on Sunday. Need to check the weather..

LKA said...

What a fun post! Your committment and fun attitude is inspiring.