Thursday, December 25, 2008

Things that make me smile!

<<<This was last year right when we got back from our Christmas Cruise.. I have to hold on to him, or he might just run away!! We were joking I had gave him my best cross right punch shot, right to his eye.
Today... Christmas... Jesus' Birthday... and the Big Man on our Leonard Campus.. Grandpa's!
There are so many feelings and emotions that surround the holidays without anything unusual happening.... add a couple new friends, and familiar family members in town to stay to the mix and you might just have yourself a party...
Grandma and Grandpa Ryan came down to visit! It is always nice to hear Grandpa's belly bottom deep laugh as we all sat around watching The Christmas Story, for maybe the tenth time for me this year! Not counting how many times I have watched bits and pieces looking for trivia answers :)
After breakfast, I was on a steady mission to put the final touches on my Leonard Grandparents present. For those whom read my bable, Grandpa has severe dementia, and has developed eye cancer (at least diagnosed) within the past year or so.. This week he had complained about abdominal pains in the side of his body, losing his ability to stand, and was admitted to Christ. Thankfully, after a great scan, nothing showed, and was discharged home with the care of a hospice nurse and bed. It is AMAZING to me how quickly he has made a turn for the worse.. as much as I wish no person to leave this earth, I keep wishing for one more day, then one more day, then one more day with him...

Our grandkid present went over well, and as I sit here, I think the most positive thing I can write are the things that make me smile... This picture was taken of all of us around his bed last night...

1. Family. EVERY ONE OF YOU from the youngest to the oldest to Mandy, my uncles Dog that is spending the holidays with us... Especially for my Mom and dad that have given us a beautiful childhood, and will be there for us along the way.

2. My grandpa's humor. Even though he is in and out of realizing we are in the room, somehow deep inside this hurting man, he still has some meek energy to try to make those around us laugh. It is not often, but when it is there, it is noticed.
3. My grandma. She is warm, always a worrier.. no matter if it is how we are going to re-use the bag, or get the rolls out of the dinner, but she wants everyone to go on with things as such as there is nothing to worry about. I hope I can only be the strong, humble, amazing woman she is and has been throughout the many years of their marriage.

4. My cousins. They had helped me make this video what it was from their videos last night, to getting last minute pictures. Remember to tell Grandpa how much you love him. He hears you. I know it.

5. Family games. oh dear, what a Leonard tradition of Christmas. Usually it is cards with pennies and nickels, this year it was Apples to Apples. We scream, we yell, we love each other. It is just that simple.

6. Midnight mass. I miss singing in the choir. I really want to try to get back to lecturing, or something at Church again. I love seeing all the familiar faces, and love smells and warmth of the mass. Even as the clock strikes twelve, I can't think of anywhere else like it at that moment.

7. All the Remember whens.... Just think remember when.... and let your mind run free..

8. A Christmas story and trivia... :) and Ovaltene. You . Thanks for little laughs and slober from your little angels :)
9. Ironman videos that I watch every night, wanting, and most of the time staying up throughout, but some nights, just falling asleep dreaming of that Starter gun firing for the race :)

10. Memories that will stay with me for a lifetime. Not just in pictures, but of my family, friends, and others throughout the holidays...

Now, I must tell myself to get back on track, and try to see ahead.. one day at a time, for as a good friend said.. its not the date that matters for the thanksgiving of the holidays, it is what you do with it all.


Mary Sunshine said...

Dear Jess,

Merry Christmas to YOU! And your family!

What a really wonderful post.

Big Hugs for a Happy New Year!


LKA said...

Merry Christmas, Jess. What an incredibly warm post.


Cristy said...

Merry Christmas Jess! Sounds like you have an amazing family! HAve a happy new year!