Sunday, November 2, 2008

Whew... Pinch Me.. Am I Still Moving?

Remember that song.. oh what a night.... late December back in 63? That is what I feel like after this long, eventful, crazy weekend. It was a great start with Friday's Fun... Seeing all the kids trick o treating, and the UC tunnel were on the top of my list of fun times. Saturday's early morning run was too short, and before I knew it I was watching the Regional State Volleyball Match. Mom and I reminisced about the times when I was younger. Remembering when I used to go to these high school games (of course watching Seton and others) when I was years younger, and how I used to aspire to be like the players I watched. To now, watching, wondering where did those high school, then college days go by. Even though I am blessed to be a part of this new journey of triathlons, I sure miss volleyball, the sport, the game greatly.

Then there after on Saturday, I came home to make my costume for our Cincy Express Halloween Party. I have to laugh to think that I came across this team about a year ago now, and the people are friends for a lifetime. I have came dubbed as either Hot Pocket, or Fire Crotch on my team. No, not for anything seriously wrong down there, but more so for the large blisters I had developed after riding 70 miles on a Saturday up at CC, then 80+ with Mary on the IMLOU course two days in a row. These friends (my blisters) were always thought of each time I got back on my bike, and because of this I thought I had to dress up as a Hot Pocket... Check us out ! This is Holly on the Left, and Laurie on the Right. Both kick my but in any race... but I can have the honor of saying they are on the same club... Laurie just got back from Kona.. Pretty P.I.M.P! :)

So great to see everyone's costumes, and allowing us to kick back and just laugh and enjoy each others company. Joe and Cindy definitely know how to throw a party, and I am grateful they welcomed all of us to their beautiful home.

Today, the last day of the madness weekend, Travis and I went to the Bengals game today. The sun was warm on my cheeks, and our seats were great. I saw a long lost friend that made me smile with memories, and we even managed a win. 1-9. A win is a win. To finish is to finish. This continues to be my mindset.

Goals of the week: Break in new shoes some more :) Make a weight work sheet :) Try out new swim flippers ! :)

Good night and sleep tight!