Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today was the day!! I have got pleanty of sleep all week... Studied many many flash cards of Vocabulary... Even took practice test.. All for today.. The day I took the GRE again... I felt great going in... even got my lucky number 7 locker... much more friendly people up at UC, even got a corner computer... but.. the horrible BUT... I didn't get a 400 on that vocab section. Every time I take it I seem to worse and worse... why is this when I feel more ready? I did get a higher score on the Math Section...

So knowing I will have to surrender and take this again to live my dreams of being a PT, I decided to call Ann down at Meters and Miles and try my luck getting some great shoes!

Here are my new beauties... I also bought some new socks... Ironwave... I couldn't resist and some great shorts. I have a feeling that tonight's run is going to be a long, therapy run. When I always want to think, I know there is no better way than lacing up my shoes, a NEW pair of shoes and shorts and hit the roads!

It was great to see Ann, and I am thankful I have joined Cincy Express... and met her along the way.. She was a warm smile, and had no idea that I just felt blah after not doing so hot on this test..

I am in the process of uploading pictures... Here are some from Run Like Hell..When I figure out how to add songs to it... I will :)

Is it Friday yet? Is it fun time yet? :0) yeah for the weekend!

Happy Halloween...


Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Jess!

Great new shoes and nice cool new stuff on your blog.

I can't view youtube from my I'll have to try to grab some time on the family pc.

See ya tomorrow!