Saturday, October 25, 2008

She's a Christmas Tree.. No, she's the Statue of Liberty, NO, I am STARBUCKS!!

Great ... great night... My rain dance worked, and the RUN LIKE HELL went on!! So excited to see so many people racing in their finest wearing costumes of all sorts!! As I said it last night.. I just love people!! I was so excited to talk Holly into running... yeah.. I talked her into it!! ha, just kidding, but it was awesome to see her and meet Matt, Count Chocula!! The little Devil, Kevin, was out dancing around, hoping to get best Costume prize, and reassuring me of the mere fact WE have signed up for Ironman Lou... I hope the best for Kev when searching for a new job, but will be sad with thought of him actually moving away..What wonderful people my friends - old and new- are!!
Arriving at these kind of races, (Raegae Run, Tylers Run, and Run Like Hell) I am much more at east than any.. ANY triathlon I have ever done...I never really know that I am going to participate in any until maybe a day before, and I register an hour or two before the gun fires. I think there is a method to this.. there are no nerves, no worries, no problems. Last night was just too much fun. I had the chance to kick back a brew or two, and take some great pictures.. After leaving this large Halloween Party, I went to meet up with long time (since Kindergarden) friend Meagan, and headed out on her stomping grounds. Here's a shout to all you people at Totsado's.

I think back at these great nights, and just happy to be blessed with the people around me.

Just finished my coffee per complements of Meagan, and I am off for beautiful Saturday Run. Until Next time.... ~*..*~ I'll keep looking up and reaching for the moon.... because even if I miss, I will be amongst STARS like myself!

Oh, by the way.... O-H......I-O... Go Bucks!


Mary Sunshine said...

Dear Jess,

How about sharing some of those pictures with your readers???

Sorry to have to miss the fun...will make up for it on Nov. 1st.