Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Swimming.. Swimming... keep on Swimming

I have learned one thing... ACCOUNTABILITY IS HUGE! and it makes time fly!

I have set out times to swim with Elder's swim team, and it is funny to me at times how things just jump out at you when you least expect it.. Like work.

I had all intentions of starting to swim with Elder this week, last night in particular, and I left work. Unusually early (before 7) and I was excited not to rush home. I came home, put my suit on, and layered in sweats. I laughed thinking about how I used to do this soooo many years ago. I had packed everything, and off I went for the 7:30 practice. Then the call came. I totally forgot about my group of three girls - ahem mature women I train. I have trained them on Mondays at 6:30 in the past, and I totally forgot this time. I know it was my nerves, and pure energy that had this lasp happen.

Getting back to the gym, the supportive, and warm loving ladies just laughed. Deep down I think they were hoping they were going to be let off hook and an easy session.

However, today, I was finished with work early, excited again to try to swim with the team, and practice was cancelled because of Veterns Day. THANK YOU TO ALL YOU VETERNS... Dad, Grandpa Leonard, Grandpa Ryan, Uncle Chris, Aunt Wendy, and all those others not in my immediate family that have helped this wonderful country. However, practice was cancelled, so in the pool I go. Why is it when I swim with a group, or even up at CC I can go for at least 800 meters, (small amount I know) before I get to that, okay now what feeling. But yet, I keep telling myself... Keep on swimming, swimming, and swimming.. Just like Dora..

I am excited for this opportunity to have the accountability to have awesome swim workouts this winter, and can't wait to swim, yet again with a group!

Until next time, WELCOME TO FALL!


Jenn said...

Good meeting you too! How's your training going? Maybe 2010 will be my year... Yeah, that video definitely inspires me. I forget exactly how I put it on my blog, but I think I just went to the youtube site, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh1yMnrby3w, and then on the right under "embed" I just copied and pasted that into the html code of my blog. If that makes sense...

Oh, and incidentally, I sing that "just keep swimming" song from Finding Nemo every tri I'm in, only for the running part, which is where I struggle. Good stuff!