Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tri for Joe

This Video is from Tri For Joe.

In general... this race was a Sprint Distance... If I remember correctly.. 700 meter pool swim (yes in May, and yes it was COLD :) ) 20k bike, and a 5k run. If anything I remember from this race there are two things. First, I had to pee.. From the moment I stepped into the pool until I came across the finish line of the race... That was the only thing on my mind.. Second it was the race where a lady wearing at the time what I called a one-piece-body-full-pink-suit-thing came flying past me on the bike, and all I could say is wow. Then I remember running my hardest not having any idea how far out she was in front of me, I was determined to catch (and maybe pass) her. Then I did. Months later up at Caeser's Creek (our team's home training site) I met this woman, Mary Sunshine, and I just thought.. COOL.. she is one of ours! Ha :) Then, months after that watching her throughout the her Ironman race as I volunteered, to have her highly motivate me, and encourage me to where I am now. Training for my first Ironman Race. Kind of funny how life can bring you in circles isn't it?


Mary Sunshine said...


I'm sure you will the rock the Ironman as you have all your other lifetime endeavors. There's no question in my mind!
Enjoy the journey. Smell the flowers...and next time get the phone number of that guy who won IMLOU. ;-)