Thursday, October 23, 2008

And Another One Bites the Dust.. or Concrete?

Oh my gosh what a day!!

Today was gorgeous.. simply gorgeous, and another one.. me.. bit the dust! I fell so hard running down Race today, and really no idea how. I run this route so many times throughout my breaks at work, but to all the other songs in the world, I was jammin to another one bites the dust.. Ha, I laughed, acted like I meant to by doing a couple of sidewalk push ups, and kept on going.. Only had my right hand and leg scraped up. I just laugh at the times I fall. Lynn (one of my clients) said it is because of my shoes. I really need to get new running shoes... that is my mission for Sunday.

On a fun note, I am headed to watch a flag football game tonight, and then to meet some friends. TOMORROW! I am so excited for the Run like Hell. I am going as Starbucks... :) I am proud of my costume, and hope it doesn't rain. Seems to be a popular race here in Cincy, and I am excited to be in the "are you doing _____ race this weekend" conversations with friends.

Off for now!! Be safe everyone, Be safe !