Friday, June 21, 2013

80 days and counting, but why ?

well well well. I woke up this morning and my widget said, "80 days until Ironman Wisconsinsawhat ?!?! That doesn't seem like near enough practice...train...suffer.. learn.. but .. as we all know.. time moves on whether you aready for it .. .no .. I take that back .. time moves on whether you are jh ready or not... But the best Part is... You know it is coming get ready .. Many have asked me why Madison Wisconsin... the question is easy.. her name is Maxine Muldoon... I first met Maxine years ago at Mercy Health plex... She always came on to ride her bike, do her couple routines for weights, maybe stretch a little but, and on good days even run a couple laps around the track...I giggle thinking of her yell, " I got to get rid of this fat back Jess "... We went to movies together, Blindside being one of our favorites, the art museum, Bengals games, even could share an adult beverage together...I knew I could always share a joke, no matter how appropriate it might be, or get a joke from her, again no matter how appropriate it might be :) she taught me so much, and most importantly how the kindest dead can be a listening ear... I know she would be honest if she liked or didn't like the guy I was dating . Through her small health problems from a freak accident fall and hurt arm, I knew she would bounce back. I was so excited to see her back too.. The one thing she said is, "Jess, if you do another Ironman, do it in Madison... I will come watch!" One of her pride and joys, Grandson Patrick would still be in school at University of Wisconsin.. . if you didn't know her, you might be a little confused when I said Grandson?!?! Yes, Maxine was one of the coolest, Best Friends at a wonderful 70+ year old... Sadly, God had other plans for Maxine then keep her in my life in the physical sense, and she passed away last year. I still think about her. Lots. I think about all those little signs that pointed me in the direction to race in Wisconsin. Although I race to benefit all the hundreds of Girls on the Run, I have an Irish Angel pin that will be with me as I race in happy memories of Maxine. How could I not race there ? If you have ever witnessed an Ironman or any endurance event, you know how contagious the energy is. People of all shapes and sizes, ages, backgrounds and efforts going for it... If you ever participated, you know you need your support team with a head cheerleader! the full time training schedule and lifestyle can warp you into highs and lows, and thankfully, I am getting through it. 80 days !!! This weekend I head to Ironman Syracuse 70.3 for a kick in the rear race .. I have personal goals, as well as confidence goals.. let's hope the Graces of God and Maxine and Grandpa and okay, I will stop, are all with me !! Until after, stay moving, and stay healthy.