Friday, February 22, 2013

Straight up .. :) with ICE :)

There are so many things to be grateful for... there are times when I count my blessings and look around of all the wonderful things we have. During our bootcamp last Saturday, we fundraised $280 total dollars.. in one hour! How wonderful... there are some wonderful people who came out to support, or just to see Shawn in his tutu...My brother Travis took some pictures, and video, and don't worry, we will get them on here for all eyes to see... We are putting everything together to make a slide show video, which I will ask for a $5 donation to view :) haha, just kidding, but I wonder if anyone would do that..T-shirts are almost going going gone... they are only $10 and I hope to have another batch of them before we know it The cool-kids on facebook jumped on the chance to help out the fundraisinge efforts and before I knew it all my Smalls and Mediums were taken. Just some larges and XL left in this batch :)Today, we have a little bit of ice out there... funny how sometimes the world just stops for a moment when Mother Nature comes into play. I think Ice can be a beautiful thing.. it holds things right in place outside, the trees are still, and it is quite beautiful. I think about those little birds out there, I hope they found somewhere safe, as I am excited to see the flowers that will pop up this spring..I am already thinking of my next fundraiser.. A "friends open closet" idea... as I clean out my closet, I want to hold a open house to allow friends to come get what they want for a small fee (donation of course, that will go to GOTR) and anything remaining will be donated to charity. I would serve light refreshments, and am thinking of the Last weekend in March before Easter. It is is a win win situation.. from good shape purses, to scarves, accessories, you name it... as we all spring clean and get ready for the warm sun.. I think this could be a great fun event... anyone can bring their items.. hmm the possibilities :)I am looking forward to tomorrow.  Stay tuned...I for a wonderful weekend... and if you get a chance to order life how you want it.. ask for it straight up ~ with ice :) just to enjoy it as it is when perfectly still..