Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Long Training Weekend.. Makes for a Tired Butt :)

This past weekend, I knew that we had it in for us.. there were so many things I wanted to get done, and really somehow, my clients laugh when I tell them what I accomplish in a day, they often have a hard time doing in a week...

The weekend started off to a "bang" when I was rearended on Harrison.. Not too cool of an idea, but somehow the other woman involved "wasn't paying attention" .. REALLY I thought? I thought you just liked hitting me twice, first the tap, then again when the person behind her hit her to push her again into me... Thankfully, I am okay, and no one got hurt..

Saturday morning started earrrrrrrly.. I have to say this is the one part of the sport that I don't like.. getting up so darn early to start the day.. I took a video
I thought for sure we were going to get soaked during the entire swim..

However we got there, "suited up" and down to the river we went... I took some pictures of Karen and Spike, and Karen jumping in...

My goal was really to try to remember what it feels like to swim in that nasty water again.. not to swallow that nasty water again, and above all.. get in and get out..

the sun was beauuutifully coming out, except I remember the whole time out, I was complaining in my head because my mp3 underwater player died, and then the sun was to my right..I couldn't site well, and I sure as heck wanted out of there..

It says I swam a mile in about 33 minutes, I will take that being that I didn't go even 65% and I wasn't comfortable .. we got out, and Karen and I had a mission.. ride the out and back twice, and head back in for a nice run..

I was pleased with how we felt going out.. I know Karen has some of the same fears I did with riding on the road.. cars, confidence, etc... she is strong strong cyclist, she just has to believe it... and she is going to rock her first Ironman..

I took it easy going out to the out and back, wanted to feel good, and work on nutrition and gear changes... just feel good.. and here we have it :)

The ride back in was a pain in the rear, hard head winds, and even harder to concentrate on our form on area... we did get back, and had a nice run...

This run was really to help get back into the mental state of mind of where everything will be... from the bridge, to the finish line... LORD how I love that finish line...I get excited when I think about, those awesome words... "YOU ARE AN IRONMAN" I kidded Karen that that is the time to sprint, smile and not trip, but deep down I remember this is the reason that I signed up again.. I miss this finish line... we ran it home, and packed up for a great night of Sushi at Bamboo House (love them:))

Sunday was a nice bright and early start again for Ride for Cincinnati Breast Cancer Ride... HOW MUCH FUN :)I love rides like this, and all to help save some boobies :)

I felt great, and looking back on my numbers, and seeing lots of high 18s, 20s, for mph makes me feel happy :) I am really trying to become a stronger cyclist...

After a great brunch, a quick nap at the pool, I knew my week would start again in a few short hours...... I loved this weekend..I wish I could be around active people like this all the time.. though the mornings came early :)

74 days and counting... I am getting excited.. I am ready to start kicking in ;) BOOP! let's ride :)