Wednesday, January 19, 2011

222... Three 2's seems lucky enough to start :)

Sooooo, Here I am. I take a deep breath, I realize there is a lot of work to be done, and yet I tell myself, I can do it :) My goal: oh yeah taking it up a notch :) 20,000 big ones :) $20,000!!! ALL for Cincinnati GOTR :)

222 days away... Training is set, training is printed rather, and now it is just a smooth kick in the tail to get me going :)

I do have some fundraisers set, one being my fundraiser :) 8 hours of spinning all for GOTR :)

On January 29th from 11-7 I, as well as 3 other awesome gyms are hosting an eight hour, YES 8 Hour spinning challege!! Now before you click out and say no way, there are multiple dif...ferent ways YOU CAN GET A WORKOUT OF YOUR LIFE :) all to benefit this awesome charity!

Come listen to some best music, and sweat it out in sweat to ring in our new year and our new goals :)

Option 1: Casual Spinner .. if you want to reserve a spinning bike, call the contact below to sign up to make sure you get your bike available.

Option 2: Team Pow WOW :) Grab up to 8 people ( non members are also permitted) to a team to divide and split up the ride to get 8 hours covered:)

Option 3: Teasing the Trainer: Bring your road bike, bring your trainer, and let's make sure you contact the site where you want to ride to ensure there is space at your choice site, and come grind it out,and put your endurance to the test, very much beats riding alone :)
** teams can be made with trainers also :)

TOP FUNDRAISED teams at each will receive Heart Rate Monitor with Chest strap :) as well as an additional 30 given out as door prizes.

Other door prizes include gift cards to: Dicks Sporting Goods, Bikes and More, Panera, Mejier, and Starbucks.

Now the important thing :) A 100% tax deductible $20.00/hour donation will be accepted per rider for the length you ride this awesome day :)

We will have towel helpers, as extra hands on deck to fill up bottles, and keep things moving :)

I am excited to see who can ride the longest,.. currently the top rider with me is challenging me past 5 hours, CAN YOU TOP THAT?

Looking forward to seeing you!

Jessica Leonard
3131 Mercy Health Plex
Cincinnati Ohio 45238

Other Supportive Gyms:
Revolution Spinning and Fitness
4642 Ridge Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Western Tennis and Raquet Club
5490 Muddy Creek Road
Cincinnati, OH 45238
(513) 451-4233

West Side Pilates and Fitness
3233 Westbourne Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45248

So... Let's saddle up, get ready, and jump right into another year of fun... 222 days and count down begins :)