Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swimming can be fun!

This week I have moved on to Base 2 in my training, where as it states I will have more specific goals for each week focusing on one part of this great adventure.. this week.. SWIMMING.

Now as we all know, it isn't that I hate swimming, or even despise it.. I simply get bored in the pool when swimming by myself.. people have often told me it is there time for clearing their head, deep thoughts.. awesome time with oneself.. HA. no.. I simply keep saying was that my first 50 or was that 100.... HOWEVER...
Monday night I had a huge .. estimated 85 min long swim.. warm up with 4 x 250 , then a ladder from 300 down to 25.. Meaning 300.. then 275..250... 225.. 200.. you get the idea.. cool down with 4 x 25.. each slower than the previous

When I walked in around 8:30.. I saw two girls I see training a lot together.. the one I knew just did Tri for Joe, the other, I always see sprinting up the stairs for a spinning class after getting out of the pool I assume.. dedicated she is on her bricks.. and I saw Chip.. Chip is maybe ( I could be guessing high) in his late 50's and is a "powerful-I-still-wear-my-mock-speedo-swimmer". We all know those guys.. that they don't mean to leave you in their dust, they just do.. and you keep trying to get their pace to just keep up..

I informed everyone of what my schedule fo the night and everyone started with me.. and you know.. It was actually nice to have some friends next to ya to keep you honest and not cheat out on your swims... It actually was fun... My swimming is coming .. slowly.. along as I continue to try to reaaaaaaaaaaach out with each stroke... We finished right before our lifeguard was about to pull us out.. and I headed home..

As I went to bed that night.. I smiled and thought.. swimming was actually fun tonight..


Judi said...

do you have a two hour swim planned? want to try and do it together? or are you doing most of your swims at mercy?